These are exciting times around the Flock offices and in our wider community. As many of you know, we recently launched the New Flock Social Browser and the response from our users and people new to the Flock experience has been phenomenal. A core focus of the new Flock is to help users better manage the large volume of information and relationships they interact with online each day and we’ve been blown away to see that our first 20,000 new Flock beta users have viewed, managed and interacted with over 100,000,000 “activities” in the Flock sidebar in the first 3 weeks of using product! (“activities” include tweets, DMs, status updates, comments, feeds, requests, invites, photo upload notifications, etc, etc.)

Your enthusiastic reaction and support has exceeded our expectations and we’re very grateful. Many members of the press community have also used the beta and have been very positive about their experiences. Check out the most recent articles that have been written about new Flock by visiting my Flock profile at: (BTW, this page is created automatically for me by the simple act of browsing and bookmarking in new Flock).

We just received another piece of good news. Flock has just been named one of AlwaysOn’s Global 250 top private companies. The AlwaysOn Global 250 represent the top emerging companies around the world that are demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in on-demand computing, digital media, and greentech. We were selected by an esteemed panel of experts including the AlwaysOn editorial team, along with partners at Manatt, Morgan Stanley, the Blackstone Group, KPMG, Silicon Valley Bank, Sonnenschein, and Bridge Bank, as well as industry experts across the globe. This group scoured the entrepreneurial community to identify the top 250 private companies that are taking old notions of doing things and forging solutions that will lead to industry shake-up and disruptive value-creation opportunities. The AlwaysOn Global 250 winners were selected from among thousands of domestic and international technology companies nominated by investors, bankers, journalists, and industry insiders. The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a three-month rigorous selection process to finalize the 2010 list. We’re very proud that Flock has been recognized as a result of this meticulous process.

We hope you’re enjoying the summer months as much as we are. Keep in touch and stay tuned for the Mac version of the New Flock which will be available by the end of August. And as always, there’s a lot more where that came from!


Shawn Hardin

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